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Lassen, M.-S. & Bjørnfort, M.B. (2020). Study of guidance and practice in Relation to child sleep and sleep training in Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

Graphic materials

Graphics with data from the study

Were parents recommended contact or separation?
Sources of Cry it out advice
Birthyear for the children in the study

The people behind the study

Mia B. Bjørnfort

Breastfeeding and sleep counsellor

Mia is a trained breastfeeding peer counsellor from La Leche League International as well as (A danish breastfeeding NGO, accredited by IBCLE), and has specialized in and blogged about children's sleep for many years.
Mia has supported hundreds of families in infant feeding, sleep and other aspects of life as a new family.

Mette-Sophie Lassen

Master of Educational Research

Mette-Sophie has a degree in Pedagogy and Children’s Social Development, a pedagogical diploma degree in Project Management and Organizational Development and a master’s degree in Educational Research. She has also taken courses in Neuropedagogy (2 years) and Autism (1 year). In recent years, she has been working on the subject of child sleep.


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